Zarina, Rock & Metal dancer, teacher and promoter

Hi, my name is Zarina and I am a rock-music lover and a dancer too, so why not to join both worlds?

For years, I have learned several dance styles (mainly belly dance, tribal fusion, contemporary dance and theater) and studied the rock-metal music nuances with the help of some musicians (special greetings to Pepe Herrero, Matt de Vallejo and my cousin Luis Ullán!).  Combining everything, I started in 2012 my dance lessons in Rockland,  amazing rehearsal studios for rock musicians.

My dance lessons are always based on rock&metal music and we have collaborated with some music bands that are part of the Rockland community, like Zero3iete or Foxylady´s.  One example of this work is Grita, the Zero3iete´s music video that I choreographed in 2012 for sixteen skelita-dancers 🙂


Another one is my work for Foxyladys as a dancer in their concerts:

Why Rock&Metal Dance Studio

So far, few dancers have been interested in rock-metal music. Our little dance community in Rockland Madrid have been a good starting point but it is time to contact with rock-metal lovers around the world and build with you a strong dance community.

Now I offer all my knowledge and the results of my own research in an online course, accesible by anyone in any part of the world. Click here if you want more information.

In my Rock & Metal Dance Studio you will find:

  • Dance videos: learn the steps that I use in my choreographies.
  • Choreographies: I teach you my own choreographies, so you can dance them too in your shows.
  • Costumes and make-up videos, so you can dress up like a rock dance star!
  • PDFS: everything that you should know about rock-metal dance and music.
  • Worksheets and exercises that will help you to understand the lessons and organize your own work.
  • Final project: you will create a final project with all the elements involved in a rock-metal choreography and I will send to you my feedback.

You can choose between the professional program and the leisure program, depending on your goals and budget! Both programs will receive a certification if you complete them.

My background

Apart from dancing to rock-metal music, in recent years I have developed some creations in the framework of the Gothic Dance, a new concept that tries to transfer the aesthetics and music styles associated with gothic imagery to dance. Dramatic, intimate o tragic performances, in which feelings of nostalgia, disappointment, sadness, nobility, loneliness, despair and passion prevails and are inspired by times and trends associated mainly to the nineteenth century. Since 2006, I am part of Farah Diva´s Dance Company as a dancer and a writer. Since 2013, I am also part of Excalibur Dance Company, an important dance fussion company based on Madrid.

My most outstanding art project has been the conception and direction of the show “The Rhythm of Memory” (2009), a dance-theater work in nostalgic style regarding the impact of dance in human memory.