The year 2017 is gone, but Rock & Metal dancers will not forget it: important advances have been made in several fields worldwide. We cannot still consider it as a consolidated dance style, but for a part of the audience is not something unknown anymore.  Twelve months of hard work that started with my New Year’s resolutions, which I consider they were accomplished with a more than satisfactory result.  The participation of Rock & Metal Dance in Stravaganzza´s tour and in the Spanish edition of Gothla, the most important alternative dance festival in the World, have been two important steps forward that make Rock & Metal Dance lose the character of “project” to become a reality.

2017 in review

Before proposing the new objectives for 2018, I will summarize the fate of the ones I established in the previous year:

  • Create 5 choreographies with different styles of metal, one of them for a group of dancers.

The year 2017 was very prolific:  Painkiller (Judas Priest), Highway to Hell (AC/DC), Song of Myself (Nightwish) and eleven choreographic pieces for Stravaganzza´s concert for a group of ten dancers. All this production is much greater than what I thought at the begging of the year. I also participated in two rock choreographies of Morgan East & West dance center: A Rock Symphony, a compendium of several rock hits, and The House of the Rising Sun.  However, three compositions in which I started working in 2016 were left in the pipelineMaster of Puppets (Metallica), The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden) and Nightmare (Avenged Sevenfold). I did not find a minute either to make a  research on Death Metal and Black Metal dance movements.


Painkiller: half woman, half machine. Pic by Zyllan.


  • Publish my Rock & Metal Dance online course.

This is, without a doubt, a purpose to which I have not dedicated enough effort. One of the reasons is that the work that requires is enormous and can not be covered in twelve months. In spite of having advanced in it, the energy and time that I invested in the composition of the Stravaganzza show and its subsequent tour had as a consequence a delay in the opening of my online school.


  • Teach five offline workshops to spread this dance style.

This purpose has fallen short in number, but not in importance: I gave two dance workshops in Morgan East & West in February and July, the most important alternative dance center in Spain, and another in Viña Rock in April, a first step to introduce the dance in music festivals.

Taller de danza en Morgan East West

Summer dance workshop at Morgan East & West

  • Work with two rock-metal music bands / musicians.

Finally, I could only work with one, Stravaganzza, but of such importance that it is well worth. The work with Stravaganzza has been a challenge and also an act of faith, not having references of other groups that have opted to make a complete show where the dance is so important in the staging. I dedicated all the summer of 2017 to the creation and production of the choreography, costume design and props and other scenic elements and it was downright exhausting, but the visual result and the good reception of the audience made it definitely worthwhile. The team, both dancers and musicians and technicians, also made each concert not only a show, but a memory for life.

Stravadanzzers in La Riviera (Madrid)

Stravaganzza´s show in La Riviera (Madrid)

  • Achieve that at least one festival of music of certain relevance includes dance in its program.

Thanks to the small dance workshop given at Viña Rock, I can timidly cross out this goal, but it is still necessary to improve a lot in this section.

  • Meet and interview at least 25 rock-metal dancers.

This goal has also been somewhat short in number: there is still a great shortage of dancers of this style. However, a very positive part is that I could meet in person several ones from many countries in the past months: all the attendees at the I Rock & Metal Dance Meeting in Lisbon, organized in collaboration with Vera Mahsati, in which also Kahina Spirit (current dancer of Myrath´s tour) took part; Fedora da Silva in Madrid, from the Venezuelan school Sombras Tribal; Thenia Af., in Berlin; and Darkstar, with whom I shared some pints in The Big Red in London. Regarding to the Queens of Rock & Metal section, I have only been able to interview five dancers. I would like to improve it in 2018, but if it does not increase the dancers in the scene, it will be difficult to achieve.

Review of 2017

2017 in nine images


Press & Media: great unexpected support

Something that I did not set as an objective and that has turned out to be of great relevance to me in 2017 has been working with several journalists and photographers of the genre such as photographer Natalia Enemede, Jésica Cristóbal (Rock Sin Maneras), Julen Figueras (Palabra de Rock) and Jessie Line (Magna Femina). Their vision of the scene, the exchange of opinions and their support for the dance have been fundamental for me. Art, without those who leave graphic and written testimony of its manifestations, loses its history. I do not forget, of course, all the media that have covered with such passion the tour of Stravaganzza, doing an important work promoting the music and also have contributed to the promotion of Rock & Metal dance: Ángel Marco Fotografía, Cejo Conejo Metal,  Diario de un rockeroEmpire Zone MagazineEsquirlas de Metal, Estribillo Pegadizo, Insonoro.comIris Soler PhotographyJosé Oro Fotografía, MariskalRock.comMásDecibeliosMaxMetalMetalcry.comMetal Horns, Metal KornerMetaltripRafaBasa.comRedhardnheavyRockMAP, Satan AriseScience of NoiseSevillaMetal.orgThe Drinktim WebzineTheMetalCircus.comTNT Radio Rock, and Underpromotoras.

Danza Rock & Metal en Magna Femina

Magna Femina: a magazine about women in metal

New Year´s resolutions for 2018

My New Year’s resolutions are based, on the one hand, on continuing to invest energy in those lines of work that did not reach a conclusion in the previous year and, on the other, to open up new paths that have been outlined in the previous ones.

My goals and wishes for 2018 are the following:

  1. Finish those compositions started in previous years: Master of Puppets, The Number of the Beast and Nightmare, mainly.
  2. Launch at least one module of the Rock & Metal Dance online course.
  3. Work with an international music group.
  4. Carry out an activity to spread this dance style among young people.
  5. Advance in the relationship of dance with music festivals.
  6. Work with at least two rock/metal press & media websites.
  7. Achieve that a dance company performs as supporting artist in a concert.
  8. Organize the II Rock & Metal Dance Meeting in Madrid.

The path of art is full of surprises and it is very possible that some of these goals have to be postponed and others will be diluted over time, but I am confident that all are perfectly realistic and feasible and  most of them will become true in this 2018 that now begins.

Painkiller - Natalia Enemede

Pic by Natalia Enemede

Become a Rock & Metal dancer in 2018

My New Year´s resolutions for 2017  referred to a very important idea: it is not easy to become a Rock & Metal dancer, you have to make the decision. There is no school waiting for you behind every corner and the music bands do not demand massively dancers, although it is true they are increasingly requiring dancers in their shows. However, whether you want to become a professional or not, dancing to the music you love is always a pleasure and art is not only enjoyed on stage: classes, rehearsals, trips, projects, dreams … are shared with other partners and friends and they are a reward as satisfying or more than the grateful applause of the public. I hope you reflect on it and, if you like to dance, I hope this will be the year in which you decide to be part of this community with a metallic heart that dances to the rhythm of Hell.


New Year 2018