In the middle of the euphoric moments and creativity freedom that the world of oriental dance and tribal fusion was living, I presented my first choreography with metal music in 2010. Gothic dance had made its appearance in Spain thanks to the so talented dancer Morgana and the new concept, yet to be defined, it attracted me. Due to the lack of history of gothic dance, I initially assumed that its natural musical language was metal. However, in recent years electronic music has predominated in this type of dark fusion dance.
For this first choreography, I chose an instrumental song from Apocalyptica, a low risk choice within the genre, as this type of song had several similarities from the choreographic point of view with the songs of classic oriental I was used to dancing: the absence of voice, the presence of stringed instruments and a romantic theme.

Regarding to the composition, it is clear the influence of oriental dance in the numerous undulations that I used. My main goal was to represent the sound through the body, choosing movements inside my dance vocabulary and trying to create new ones that could fit the music. One of the main challenges was searching for dramatic and strength movements to choreograph the contrasts of the song, which were higher than those who I was used to in Arabic music.

Another major difficulty was the lack of references in dance. There are very few choreographed songs of this genre and all are based solely on one dance style like ballet, contemporary dance or even flamenco, which are NOT rock-metal dance.

The homemade costume sought for a romantic and gothic touch without breaking the line of fusion western tribal costumes, using pants and a set of top and belt, a clearly oriental dance heritage.