My “Cowgirl from Hell” choreography, with the music of the fantastic female Pantera Tribute Band from California “Cowgirls from Hell”.

“Cowgirl from Hell”: three choreographic keys

  • The son is hard and aggressive, so discard the most seductive movements: use few circles and undulations.
  • Topic is clear: “cowgirls from hell”. You can build a “cowgirl” character easily. Take advantage of it, as not every song allows it (especially the groove/trash/death metal songs). If you choose it, use an appropriate costume. If not, at least use a costume that doesn´t contradict the character proposed in the lyrics.
  • It is an excellent song for a group choreography, if your troupe is composed by several dancers.


I have chosen a cover from a female metal band. Choosing voices of singers of your gender helps you to identify a little more with the proposed character, but it is always a personal option.


For this choreography, I used a video as an audiovisual background, synchronized with the different parts of the song. Using this kind of backgrounds requires a theater with projector and a projection surface (screen wall). In addition, you should create a video with the appropriate resolution (HD). Of course, it will be difficult to have these technical conditions at a music festival. When designing your choreography, take it into account.


Dance costume

Clothing is from various designers. I love specially the “Steam Top” from BloodyMary Mirror, and the gun and belt from RQ-BL. Gun´s weight and hat limited the use of some dance techniques, although they give me the possibility of including them in some movements, using them as dance elements.

Cowgirl from hell
“Cowboys from Hell” (o its female version) is a classic metal song! Audience will love it in any rock-metal festival. If you make your own version and you want me to make a review in my website, send to me your link 😉