In 2012, Rockland dancers and Farah Diva Dance Company recorded a choreographic sequences for the music video “Grita” of Spanish metal band Zero3iete. Here is the “making of”…

An army of skelitas

The starting premise that established Ix Valieri, the director of the music video and leader of Zero3iete, was a choreography based on an army of skeletons. This clearly marks the line of work from the choreographic point of view. The skeleton as a mobile entity is a collection of straight lines, so that the movements should be straight in themselves. As for the curved lines, the only undulating movements that a skeleton can perform are generated through her spine. Thanks to its structure, the spine can adopt curved shapes, including all types of head and torso rotation. The overall choreography feeling is hard and aggressive.

From the musical point of view, the director required the choreography of the introduction and chorus. Some months after, the complete song was choreographed and presented at the Rockland Dance Session in May 2013. This choreography is very interesting from an artistic point of view because it uses the neutrality of performers in relation to their individual aesthetics and gender, breaking with the usual participation of dancers in music videos.

Military Catrinas

The complete characterization was designed by the director of the music video, Ix Valieri. Video production was made by Karen Parra, Rockland studios´ director. The costume consisted of a skeleton overalls and a pair of military boots. The idea was just highlight the bones on a black background. All dancers wore braids which completely collected our hair and were used to uniform our aesthetics and also promote the fade with the black background. Finally, the makeup was based on the Mexican Catrina, which gave the skeletons a feminine touch.

Director of Photography: Tonymadrid

Skelitas army drew from Rockland dancers and Farah Diva Dance Company of Valladolid. The rehearsals were mainly conducted in Rockland studios and Farah Diva´s Dance Center and the final video recording took place on October 7, 2012, in an industrial building on the outskirts of Madrid.

The premiere took place in the mythical and already closed We Rock on November 8, 2012.


Photo: TonyMadrid