Cover photo: Eduardo Hernández

Her dancing style:

“It is always difficult for a fusion dancer to define her style, however for commercial purposes I call it Dark Fusion SHADOWS-style (which is also the name of my studio). This style combines three branches of dance (belly dance, tribal and urban dances) resulting in a fusion of mysticism and power, enhancing these two qualities in women. As for the music, I use Rock and electronic songs most of the times. “

Photography: Eduardo Hernández

Photography: Eduardo Hernández

“While I was studying many styles of dance, I realized that I did not feel complete with any of them and the main raison was precisely the music. Being the Rock music my favourite, I started to dance it with a mix of all the dances I was practising at that moment, and the result made me feel full.”

Photography: Eduardo Hernández

Choreographic work:

“I like almost any type of Rock and Metal, however, I really like dancing Slipknot, Rammstein, System of a Down, Periphery, Muse, Lamb of God. I rarely dance Hard Rock.”

“Among my favourite choreographies I can mention: Chop Suey from SOAD, Dead Memories from Slipknot, Blacken the cursed sun from Lamb of God, Toxicity from SOAD.”

“This is the music that I feel and that inspires me. The great amount of changes and musical nuances allow me to make more creative and complex choreographies. “

“Musically, Metal is somewhat complex, so it is sometimes challenging to listen and to transmit with the body every little sound, drumbeat and guitar solo. Being able to jump from setting the beat of the drums to following the lyric and suddenly following the guitar, all of them are complex aspects and require to be very skilful as to transmit energy according to what we are listening “

Artistic vision:

“Do not rush is one of the advice that I always give to my students. To dance a music that does not have a specific dance requires a lot of exploration and training in many areas if we seek to transmit exactly what the music tells us. In many occasions, I have seen dancers that fuse belly dance with rock but that do not include any other type of dance, being the former a dance so feminine and the rock such an aggressive music, there exists a contrast not always harmonious.

 From my point of view, it is essential to incorporate other styles (apart from belly dance) that allow us to achieve those levels of strength that require this type of music.

That is why, from my point of view, it is essential to incorporate other styles that allow us to achieve those levels of strength that require this type of music, and if you are a beginner dancer, and you go out to give a show with this type of music, It is very likely that it will not result in a successful performance because of the complexity of the genre. You would rather prepare yourself, explore in the classroom or at home and when you feel the style with enough maturity, then show it to the world. “

Working with music bands:

“So far I have participated on the stage with national bands such as Psycho Squad, Cyclic Fracture and Sibelius, and I have also been invited and nominated to the Union Rock Show awards (prizes dedicated to the rock and metal movements in Venezuela), an important step that I feel that I have conquered, since achieving that the public of the movement “under” recognize a dancer or a dance group as an important part of its entertainment is something significant for me as an artist at cultural level.”

 One of my big dreams is to be able to share the stage with Slipknot at some point. (I know, a very big dream).

“Without doubt, daring to dance rock in a society that is not used to seeing so, has its pros and cons. First, as dancers, we must understand that not all rock is danceable, and we must be cautious about the songs that we chose, study the audience to whom we will present the proposal and understand that they will not probably digest it so quickly. It is delicate to go up on a rock stage, with a rocker audience, in brassier to dance, so it is necessary to offer a show of maximum quality for them to see the art that is beyond the half-naked girl dancing. It is a real challenge, but it is part of how we educate the public. Taking care of the image of the dancer is the most important thing if our goal is to present our work as dignified as any other.”

Dancing to Rock: school “SOMBRAS”:

There are very few dance studios specialized in rock-metal dance.  Sombras, directed by Akzara, is one of them:

“In Venezuela, the only formal school that teaches a style fused with Rock, is my dance school SOMBRAS. Nonetheless, we have almost 250 students who are taking lessons for a certification of this style, the first promotion will soon graduate and they will continue to spread this style through Venezuela and the rest of the world. My short-term project is to have subsidiary schools around the world, so if you are a dancer and you are interested in having a studio in your country, you may contact me. “

“SOMBRAS was set 5 years ago. I founded this school in 2011 with only 15 students and today we have almost 250. The style became popular with each presentation that we had and the school was growing this way. In 2017 we will open a new website, with instructional videos and level pass tests from Dark Fusion Shadows-style. For the moment, we work with choreographic classes explained step by step. “

I always emphasize to my students that although we like the same music, it is not good that when dancing as soloists, they are all clones of Akzara, so I help them to get a style where they can be themselves.

“SOMBRAS has already 3 dance productions that have been a total success, the first one titled “The Voice of Your Shadow”, the second “PRINTS “, and the third” ESSENCE “and we are heading for our fourth production.”


Photography: EZVisual

Akzara, where to find her?

Facebook: Akzara Martini, Akzara Tribal, Sombras Tribal

Dance School: Sombras

Instagram: Akzara Tribal, SombrasTribal

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