Her dance style:

“My style mixes elements of classical ballet, modern and belly dance. The only inviolable feature of my dance is improvisation. I never choreograph it in advance and never work with the same music twice. Often, I record videos with my first listening of a new track. I believe that the internal freedom of rock and metal allows me to express the widest range of emotions and to create the strongest response to the music.”

“I have been focused on ballet elements for the last two years, as the pointe shoes also add a degree of freedom. I have never attended any ballet classes, so my dance can differ from the standard schools. I would call it an intuitive approach, with which I would like to demonstrate that ballet is not an elitist art.”

Her choreographic work:

“Any music that I like from the rock and metal scene makes me dance, although I prefer doom, black and death metal for the strong dramatic mood or progressive for complex emotions and unexpected turns.”

“I have never performed in public with improvisations. However, I put a lot of videos on Instagram, where I also ask for suggestions of the next possible tracks to dance to.”

“I have a childish dream to dance to all my favorite tracks, although the list is almost infinite!”

“Honestly, I think there are no difficulties to dance to rock and metal. It is probably hard to imagine in the beginning that any movements except of headbanging could fit the most brutal tracks, but my experience shows that one should just feel the music deeply.”


Her artistic point of view:

“I hope that rock-metal dance will develop more. I wish to see one day a metal ballet in Bolshoi or in La Scala.

“At the moment I do not consider any other kind of creative work than my dance improvisation. Maybe I will extend it from Instagram to another platform.”

I wish to see one day a metal ballet in Bolshoi or in La Scala.

Work with bands:

“My humble link to the metal world is virtually created through hashtags and my videos, but I have never directly collaborated with rock-metal bands. Often I am honored when a band reposts my improvisation to their music or generously comments it.” 

 Anna Silencer, where to find her?

Videos:  #Metal Pointes

Contact: Anna Silencer