Her dance style:

“My style is primarily a fusion style: fusion with my roots and my previous dance studies, fusion with my eclectic tastes and my passion for research in music and new trends. Within the Rock world, I am a great lover of the big rock/metal bands of the 80’s. In many occasions, I also work closely to the Gothic Rock and its various expressions.”

Choreographic work:

“I’ve choreographed songs from Metallica, Def Leppard, Salem, Queen, Muse, Bon Jovi, Guns N ‘Roses, Europe, Journey, Within Temptation, We Are the Fallen, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative … I like dancing Classic Rock, Symphonic Rock/Metal, Gothic Rock, I have very diverse preferences.  When choosing a song, I have in mind mainly the idea of the performance, the emotion I want to express and the overall context.”

Her artistic point of view:

About her role as rock-metal choreographer:

“I think the biggest difficulty when choreographing metal music lies in the music sound complexity. Some music works reminds me to operas and orchestrations of great technical and artistic breadth. This gives it an extra work when you are deciding how to work from a technical point of view. Perhaps, this is what makes people think this genre is not “danceable”. I see it as a challenge and I love it.”

About Rock & Metal scene in Zaragoza, her city:

“Zaragoza loves rock and has a wonderful and incredible rock-metal tradition. The whole region, Aragon, is a land of rock bands and various festivals of rock and metal music take place here. I think we should continue to promote something that makes special our city. Zaragoza is undoubtedly a Rock city.”

Azahara Pintanel, dance shows producer:


Azahara Pintanel has contributed in Spain to the rock-metal dance evolution by giving an opportunity on stage to dance rock-metal.  She organized events like Zaragoza Dance Goth and Zaragoza Goth & Rock, who enjoyed five editions each year until January 2016. She tells us her opinion on the high effort and the lack of financial remuneration that one suffers when organizing such alternative art projects:

“When a project comes from the love of a cultural expression, music or movement and does not seek profit in its beginnings, it can be quite strange hahaha. Unquestionably, not having in mind economic gain helps to find spaces and collaboration.  But when the project evolves and grows, it is very difficult to get out of these initial premises. Earning some money with this type of event is really difficult, so if your goal is to work professionally, you will have to deal with this sort of problems. But the only thing that you should keep always is the love of this world ;.) “


Despite all these difficulties, Azahara remarks the good human relationships:

“On the other hand, I would like to emphasize personal relationships that have emerged over the years. Discoveries, collaborations, friends, great people with similar tastes and interests… That is priceless!”

Currently, Azahara promotes Zarafussion dance festival. The first edition will take place on 21 and 22 January 2017 in Zaragoza. It will be full of a wide range of dance styles, including rock-metal. You can find more information about this festival in its official Facebook page.


Azahara Pintanel, where to find her?

Websites: Azahara Pintanel,  Azahara Pintanel Fussion Artistfusslogo2

Shows and events: ZaraFussion

Past shows and events: Zaragoza Dance Goth, blog ZDGoth, Zaragoza Goth&Rock

Facebook: Azahara Pintanel

Youtube: sibizgz