Her dance style:

« I started to dance as a kid with ballet and did a lot of contemporary dance. Then, around 2008, I discovered belly dance, bollywood, Indian dances, and tribal fusion bellydance, which is my main style now. And as I love rock & metal music since my teenage years, it just feels natural to dance on it! Metal music are so rich, both in rhythm and melodies, it’s just perfect for that kind of dance. So my dance style on metal music fuses bellydance, contemporary, Indian dances (Indian dances goes so well with metal), and I love to add some pop & locks, waves and other street dance vocabulary. Also expression is important to me, but not in exaggeration. »

Photo: Aurélien Goyetche

Choreographic work:

« I am a big fan of Gojira, Ghost, Rammstein, Disturbed and Machinehead so I tend to dance a lot to songs of these bands. Gojira is perfect for technical and isolations work, Ghost for expressivity and lots of fun, and for Machinehead you’ve got to build your stamina! each one has its specificity. And I like to do polls before my classes to see on what my students would like to dance on, for example my last choreography is based on their choice: “Get Up!” from Korn and Skrillex. What a challenge to build a beginner choreography to that complex music!.»

Photo: Aurélien Goyetche

« Often, metal songs have a meaning and you can easily feel the emotions they are trying to convey. It’s quite easy to define a structure and build on it. Plus, your body tends to naturally want to move when listening to metal musics. And as a musician and a dancer it’s really delightful to play with complex patterns and transfer them to the body

«The hardest part of choreographing on metal for me, is to find the right energy/expressivity/technicity mix. I sometimes want to have perfectly synched isolations to complex rythm but it often becomes too complex and not so nice to watch or to dance (and hard to do for beginners). I find it hard to have the perfect level of expressivity on epic or emotional passages, enough but not too much. I find too much expressiveness/energy looks fake and it annoys me and not enough well..it’s not enough. Let’s be dark but not “ohmagaaaad, look at meeeh, I am soooo dark” type. I am a perfectionist and I have a hard time getting satisfied with what I create. »

« As I just started developing this genre in France, I do not have metal dance videos yet. I’ve got two shows coming in March and April, so you will see some soon!. »


Her artistic point of view:

« Metalheads and tribal fusion dance communities are two of the best communities I know, so the metalheads tribal fusion dancers one looks like the best one 😊. »

Photo: Cecilia J.L

About rock-metal dance scene in France:

« Rock & Metal dances have a great future in the world, in my opinion. In France it’s not very developed, almost nobody does it as a specialization. There was a dancer who did some metal workshops, and I loved her style, but she stopped dancing, so now I try to keep the genre alive. When I published the announcement of my first course in Paris, I got hundred of people interested, and with comments like “Finally! that’s what I was waiting for!”  So I think there is room for many more rock-metal dancers, we just have to let people know it exists and they can do it! I’d like to see many more sub-genres appear in France. I think the Gothla France Festival (2nd edition this year) will help a lot in spreading it. »

« I am opening monthly classes this January in Paris and, if I have enough students, I’d like to open more and maybe do it weekly. I’d really like to do dance videos of some choreographies and the main goal would be to create a rock-metal dance group. »

« Thanks to this website, I see that the genre is well represented in the entire world and I am happy to be a part of this community. »

Work with bands:

“I have never worked with a rock-metal band but I would love to do it! I’d like to collaborate with any death-metal, electronic metal, industrial band, anything except black, doom and speed metal, which I do not really am into.”

Photo: Cecilia J.L


Charline, where to find her?

Instagram: chaya.line

Facebook: Charline Danse

Youtube: Charline´m

E-mail: cha.moncoucut@gmail.com