Her dance style:

“I started dancing to Latin rhythms, and then training ballet and jazz (I’m still in training). In Mexico it is very popular to dance salsa, cumbia etc, so I worked professionally in music groups of those genres. I worked for a company who combined pre-Hispanic dance with Peruvian rhythms and cumbia, saya and ballenatos. Combining all this experience, I define myself as a versatile dancer.”

“My main motivation to merge dance and symphonic metal has undoubtedly been Nightwish and Tarja Turunen. When I was little I had the taste for the musical genre metal. When listening to symphonic metal, in a moment my mind created a world of possibilities to dance.”

Choreographic work:

“Nightwish’s” Creek mary’s blood “caught me the first time I heard it. It was a motivation that led me to create my own project.”

“Within my choreographic work is also “Morning grey- lacrimas profundere”. I still remember the moment I heard it and all the atmosphere that was created by just listening to it. I consider myself a woman with a lot of sensitivity and I felt that Morning Gray would be great to catch the public. “

“At the moment I am already working on other artistic acts  that the public will soon be able to enjoy, following the line of dance with symphonic metal.”

Her artistic point of view:

“Within symphonic metal world, there are so talented musicians both Mexican and foreign. As it is a complicated musical genre, it requires you to perform a precise dance performance. In my case, dancing with symphonic metal meets a perfect duality: it is melodic and at the same time combines speed and strength. That is the dynamism that people want to see on stage.”
“I respect all genres of music, the most consolidated cumbia groups in Mexico have given me great opportunities and growth in my career, but I feel the metal deep in my soul.”

About Rock & Metal dance scene in Mexico, her country:

“I see a lot of future. We are a few dancers who dare to combine dance with metal, but I think it has worked well, simply because it is art.”

DARKADE project:

“DARKADE is currently my main project. The idea was born more than 4 years ago. Because I worked in other groups, I left it in second place until June 2015, when I decided to start it and materialize it. Our premiere took place on November 27th 2016, obtaining good results. “

“DARKADE has several professional dancers and two acrobats. We have 9 performers: Sabrina Morelos, Fernanda Arriata, Jazmin Rangel, Luz Glerean, Denymaya, Aldo Pereda, Alex Trejo, Eliseo López and Omar Yshikawa. We perform dance with symphonic metal, with a style of jazz-funk dance. Each of our artistic acts comes with a positive message. Each has a history and its special performance. For example, we have an artistic act in points by Sabrina Morelos and another of “hands to hands” by Omar Yshikawa and Aldo Pereda. And finally, a special show dedicated to a Mexican bird that is in danger of extinction called “sarcoramphus” characterized by myself, Denymaya.”

Denymaya ave

Photography: Germán García

“The great maestro Quik, well-known in Mexico and Latin America dance world, collaborates with DARKADE project and he is a very important part of it. I communicate my ideas and the teacher creates the choreographies according to the skills of each dancer.“


Part of the show of DARKADE se desarrollan en una jaula como se aprecia en la imagen.
Fotografía : REINA EL METAL


Work with music bands:

“So far, I have not had any collaborations with rock or metal bands, but in” DARKADE “project I had Codex Festivus (medieval music band) as special guest at and it was certainly a success.”

“In October of 2015 I had the opportunity to go to the concert of “Corvus Corax “(medieval music). I talked with the leader of the band and I made him know that their music had also inspired me and that it would be a dream to dance in their show. It’s difficult, but dreaming does not cost anything and you have to work hard so that at some point you can achieve it.”

Denymaya Maya, where to find her?

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