Her dance style:

“I became an oriental dancer 15 years ago. Dance is for me a way of life, a way of being and feeling. Being the dance my greatest passion, I have been able to combine it with several areas of my life, like my taste for metal music. It was when I discovered the Tribal Fusion dance style that I found a great tool to show all the power and strength of metal through movement, since this dance style is versatile and allows stories to be told on stage.”

“Every time I go on stage to dance Metal Dance (as I have called this fusion) I feel powerful, strong from my femininity. That’s the way I would define my style. “

Her choreographic work:

” I have danced to heavy, folk, black and oriental metal, but in general I am open to dancing to any subgenre of metal, as long as I connect with the theme. I’ve done performances with songs like “Diamonds and Rust” (Judas Priest version), “Lai lai hei” by Ensiferum, and “Caravans to ur” from Melechesh, among others.”


“For those who like metal music, it is very easy to connect with it and be able to make a good performance. However, the compositions of traditional groups, and the especially old ones, are musically very changing and complex. I think the dancer or dancers should have a very good musical ear to be able to do a good choreography according to the song they want to play.”

 Her artistic point of view:

“My greatest motivation to combine metal music with dance is to show how an art can be valued from different perspectives with the same passion. Also, being the metal world predominantly male, I believe that “Metal Dance” can be the space where women feel empowered and protagonists of this musical genre in complicity with dance. “

My greatest motivation to combine metal music with dance is to show how an art can be valued from different perspectives with the same passion.

About the future of rock-metal dance in Colombia and in the World: 

“It is important to mention that, by tradition, metal as a musical genre is not very associated with dance or body movement (beyond pogo or headbanging), so I think there is a lot to explore and contribute from Colombia and any other part of the world. That’s why I found an excellent exercise in building communities like Rock & Metal Dance to look for an identity as a dance genre.

“It has been an honor to have been invited to participate in this space created by Zarina. Thank you for this initiative and I hope this union of dancers could become the hallmark of this dance style! “

Work with music bands:

“In collaboration with the musician Diego Rojas, member of the music band EXIM from Bogotá (Colombia), who made a metal version of the famous Egyptian classic “Enta Omri”, I danced a Metal Dance style performance. It was very emotional, since the idea was to pay homage to such a famous composition, which in the world of Arabic dance is very important and well-known. “

“In the future, I would like to dance with bands like Judas Priest, Rata Blanca, Mägo de Oz, Kraken or Rammstein, among others.”

Hana, where to find her?

Website:  www.danzaconhana.com

Instagram: natalia_hanadancer

Facebook: Dansanando,  Danza con Hana

YouTube: Hana Dancer

 Long live to Rock & Metal!!