Her dance style:

Kambrah Gil is a professional dancer of Gothic Metal Bellydance, Bellydance and Tribal Fusion. She has performed in important forums, theaters, cultural centers and Rock/Metal bars of in Mexico City and other cities, always taking her particular style to scene.

She organizes dance events and seminars with national and international teachers taking the name of Dance at Night. She was a special guest to Dance in Helloween in Guadalajara (Mexico).


Photography: Eduardo Hernández

For Kambrah:

Dance is the magic that transforms your being, making you go into the dark to find the light.


Photography: Eduardo Hernández

Choreographic work:

“I love dancing to almost every genre of metal. I have choreographed songs from Iron Maiden, Amorphis, Diary of Dreams, Type or Negative, Lacrimosa, Orphaned Land, Metallica, to mention a few. These tracks have been performed in renowned theaters in Mexico City, as well as in bars in the City. “

“I love the energy I feel when I dance to this musical style. It is not easy, since on several occasions the songs are very fast and with many musical accents that, of course, have to be taken into account when executing, especially if you want to reach a good connection music/dancer.”

Artistic vision:

“My motivation comes from my love of this musical style. I feel great energy when my body dances and my soul vibrate when performing.

“Regarding to metal bellydance in Mexico, I see a promising future, as long as you know how to reach the public and how to create a high-quality show. Thus people will perceive a great show, whether they like the musical genre or not. What will matter will be your essence on stage.”

Photography: Eduardo Hernández

Working with bands:

“I shared the stage with the symphonic metal band Wings of Victory, from Mexico City.”

Kambrah and Wings of Victory by @kambrahgil

Kambrah and Wings Of Victory Parte ll by @kambrahgil

One of my biggest inspirations is Orphaned Land, Progressive Metal / Folk metal band from Israel. I love and admire their work because for me it’s the perfect combination of what I love most: Middle Eastern music and metal. Performing with them would certainly be extraordinary!

Dancewear designer:

Kambrah is a fashion designer of KAMBRAH WEAR, her own clothing brand. Alternative clothing, and dancewear for stage & rehersals!

Kambrah Gil, where to find her?

Facebook: Kambrah Gil

Dancewear: Kambrah Wear

Instagram: kambrahgil

YouTube Channel: Kambrah Gil