Her dance style:

“My style is a little eclectic, but overall it is based on rock-metal, gothic imagery and electronic music, although I’m always open to other styles. The important thing for me is to convey. Whether a story (mine or the song itself), a feeling, an image … the important thing is pressing the inner chord of each person, that one which makes you excited or altered, even if the mental image you have in mind is not the same as I have.”


Choreographic work:

Hekate (En Erebos Phos), from the electronic metal band Mandrágora Scream, and “Crucify my heart (lyrical)” from the gothic rock band Lullacry, among others.”

Her artistic point of view:

“Honestly, I think that many people can love rock-metal dance, even if they are part of a prudent community not so open to changes. Rock has never died and dance can be the perfect complement to a musical genre that always calls for movement.”

“One of the difficulties that I find when dancing to rock-metal music is the fast rhythms and the strength you have to convey. They are two elements not so easy to put together, without neglecting the technical aspects and aesthetic of the chosen movements too. The pace of the music is usually very strong, that is a big plus, and the song itself guides you about the intensity to use. “
“I especially like the strong and diverse instrumentation, also combined with lyrical moments. These changes of pace and intensity help me a lot when dancing: short breaks, sharp movements … although it is difficult to integrate a lyrical moment with the rest of the choreography. “
“For me, the best thing is that almost any imaginable movement fits a rock-metal choreography. Floor, jumps, turns, kicks … but you always have to be careful about losing neither the dance technique nor your objective.”

KuroEve, where to find her?

Facebook: KuroEve Tribaldance
Email: kuroevetribaldance@gmail.com
Youtube: KuroEve