Her dance style:

“My style is still being defined. For now, I consider myself a mixer of different styles and types of dances, mainly tribal fusion and contemporary dance, oriental, jazz and hip hop, among others. I try to continue learning and exploring new rhythms, new possibilities and I am lucky to learn from good teachers. My personal project is to continue growing and improving as a dancer and as a person, and create a more defined and long-term own style.”

Pic by Miguel Angel

Pic by Miguel Angel

Choreographic work:

“I have little time incorporating rock-metal in my dance repertoire, but I like it more and more. When dancing, I prefer melodic rock, alternative rock, punk rock, gothic rock and symphonic rock. So far, I’ve danced and choreographed songs from Linkin Park, Perfect Circle and Mindless Self Indulgence. But I have more projects in mind with bands like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Korn…”

Her artistic point of view:

What I like most is that rock-metal music has a lot of rhythms and mix different levels of strength and intensity. All of that makes it a challenge to choreograph and dance. I love to mix and play with harmony and chaos, strength and weakness, masculinity and femininity…You can find all these antagonistic elements in rock-metal music.

“In Spain we have a good rock-metal culture and Madrid is a reference city. There are many halls, concerts and events at local and national level and people do their best to show their work and share it. That´s why I think rock- metal dance has a good future. In relation to this future, I wish more dancers who love to listen to rock decide to incorporate this style in their artistic repertoire, so the community grows. The more, the merrier.” ^^

Working with rock-metal bands:

So far, I have danced in one of the concerts of Helix Nebula and I hope to collaborate more with music bands in the future, as it is a great experience.


LiLu, where to find her?

Facebook: LiLu