Her dance style:

“I like to use an interpretive style, put on stage the skin-deep feelings that I find in the music and put me to the surface. When performing, I also like to create a character and make her alive while the music sounds, no matter if I use rock-metal music or any other genre.  For me, music has its own soul.”

I especially love to deep into the dark side of the human being, which does not mean necessarily the bad one. The dark side is what is hidden.

Choreographic work:

“I danced to several rock-music styles: AC / DC (hard rock) at a charity gala, Marilyn Manson (industrial metal) in Madrid Shams competition, Rammstein (industrial metal) at some BellyRock, Metallica (trash metal)… I normally choose songs that inspire me to dance.”


Her artistic point of view:

“Dancing using rock-metal music is easier for me because it is the musical genre that makes me feel more comfortable. The big problem is that there are few rock-metal dancers, especially if we make the comparison with other musical genres.” 

In the begging, people danced to rock & roll and it was established as a dance style, but it did not evolve along with the musical genre.

There are few people who dance this style of music, so I like to have them in mind when creating my own work. Teardrop, from Girona, is a great dancer, a great source of inspiration and a great leader in this style. Darkstar in London is also working on it, Morgana sometimes choreograph this musical genre. Chandra was also a great teacher for me in this field, of course, all the people who make BellyRock.

Maridark, producer of BellyRock show:

I organize BellyRock because I wish rock-metal dancers make a place for ourselves in the world of Tribal Fusion.  We are many dancers we like dancing to rock-metal music and we need our space.

Working with rock-metal bands:

“I have worked with the Rock Association of Rivas Vaciamadrid. I felt very comfortable working with them, and also all dance colleagues who accompanied me.”

Our dance style is under development and we need mutual collaboration of musicians-dancers.


Maridark, where to find her?

E-mail: maridark.delrio@gmail.com

BellyRock: thebellyrock@gmail.com