Her dance style:

“Today I am a dancer, instructor and choreographer of Tribal Fusion in the Dark Arts’ style, which I give classes, workshops and perform with ROCK FUSION, and it’s my main style of dance. That is, in fact, my artistic expression. Rock Fusion can be part of DARK ARTS, which emphasizes an expressionist aesthetic, strong theatricality and a certain dramatic charge, inspired by the various scenes of the dark / gothic culture (noir, industrial, burlesque, medieval, Victorian …) and urban as the Rock ‘n’ Roll and its diverse genres. I developed the Motus Cornicem method: crow movements, which are ministered in my workshops. In short, my dance style is ROCK FUSION.”

“I love Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s the musical genre that really touches all my senses, that does not stop me, that surrounds me, makes me shiver. It’s the genre that makes me express myself in the dance. I listen to and dance: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, DIO (which I love), AC/DC, Metallica... Also, I love Rock & Blues like ZZ Top. Rock ‘n’ Roll is in my veins. I dance metal, symphonic metal, gothic, hard rock…all these genres.”

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s the musical genre that really touches all my senses.

Rhada Nashpitz

How she became a Rock & Metal dancer:

“I am a Physical Education Professional, I began my involvement with oriental dances in 1996. I started my studies with belly dancing, but I ended up specializing in Gypsy Dancing in 1998. I began teaching classes and doing shows, as a professional, in 2002. From of 2005 I did only shows and researches in the dance field, due to my commitment with my other profession (designer). At this stage, I developed the Gypsy Fusion style, one of the strands of Contemporary Ethnic Dance, and began intense study and research within this new form of dancing. The experience in Gypsy Dance, which is fusion in essence, and my natural influences from the Rock ‘n’ Roll universe, contributed to definitely enter into Tribal Fusion, along with my studies in Contemporary Dance that opened my way to the Rock Fusion.”

Choreographic work:

“I have been dancing the Rock Fusion style since 2007 in small and big shows. I was considered the precursor of the ROCK FUSION style in Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, with the official debut in the show TRIBES BRASIL 2009, which contributed to be inserted into the Contemporary Ethnic Dance, Tribal Fusion, with Rock ‘n’ Roll influence. I have already participated in many Rock Fusion performances. It’s hard to list all of them. I have video records as well, as I can mention the main ones like Gothla Argentina 2012, Festival Campos das Tribos VI 2014-Brasil, Gothla Brasil 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015,  First South American Tribal Congress 2016-São Paulo-Brazil (which I even attended a Rock Fusion workshop), plus several performances at the 2016-Brazil Rock Culture Weekly Event, and the most recent Gothla Chile 2016.”

I was considered the precursor of the ROCK FUSION style in Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, with the official debut in the show TRIBES BRASIL 2009.

 “Some favorite songs I’ve already danced are “Lord of the last day” and “Rock n’ Roll” (Dio), “Kashmir” (Led Zeppelin), “Back in Black” (AC/DC), Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath), “Smoke on the water” (Deep Purple), “Slow and Easy” and “Still Of The Night” (Whitesnake), “Nothing Else Matters” and “Enter Sandman” (Metallica), “Stripped” and “Ich Will” (Rammstein), John Lee Hooker-ZZ Top  and more.”

“Generally, I do not choreograph my solos. I know the music well and I spontaneously improvise the movements, dancing free, feeling the song, letting my expression and techniques flow together. I choreograph only for students, for a dance group. I study songs well with an “impromptu rehearsal,” sometimes even highlighting some important parts of the song.”

Rhada Nashpitz

“When dancing to metal music, the easiest aspect is dancing to the music what you feel, the music that touches you and moves you. Then the expression comes naturally. The most difficult aspect is when you put the lapidated technique in that free expression, which comes from within. Study the technique is important because it is the way or tool to show in motion what you are feeling and meaning with your dance.”

Her artistic point of view:

“As a professional Rock Fusion Dance, what I always emphasize is that to be in this style we need to identify ourselves with it. To be Rock ‘n’ Roll, to like the same genre, because the expression, the way of dancing, the energy, all of these things have a peculiarity. The technique, the movements in Tribal Fusion or in any other fusion, are the same, what changes is the expression that also comes with the whole body’s movement of a cultural scene Rock ‘n’ Roll. I just know that’s where I identify myself, it’s innate, spontaneous. For me it’s natural to dance Rock. It’s me.”

For me it’s natural to dance Rock. It’s me.

About Rock & Metal scene in Brazil, her country:

“Here in Brazil the Rock ‘n’ Roll fans are seen as an alternative group and peculiar guys. We are not the majority, I think we are currently very restricted, but faithful to the tribe and we don’t let metal rock be forgotten. We create groups, friendship circles, bars and theme houses, events, shows, to don’t let rock die. Here in Rio de Janeiro we had an event called “Cultura Rock” (Rock Culture) which we innovated the event with Rock bands along with Fusion Rock Dancers, and it is reverberating well and creating a new concept of show within the Universe of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Rock Fusion dance.”

Cultura Rock

Duabus Artibus Music and Dance Duet:

“The Duabus Artibus Music and Dance Duet is a partnership between two professionals of DUAS ARTES (TWO ARTS), music and dance, in an innovative way within the concept of musical aesthetics and performance in dance. Where it joins the West to the East with Rock ‘n’ Roll style. The songs are composed by Ives Pierini, musician and producer, leader of the Classic Rock Band – Black Dog Brazil. The dance is represented by me, Rhada Naschpitz, and all the composed songs are unique to my performances, where we create themes and characters stories.”

“This duet arose from the need to explore new concepts within sound mergers between East and West, ethnic and urban, ancient and contemporary. These fusions can create new universes of inspiration, interpretation and aesthetic in music and contemporary ethnic tribal dance fusion, and its aspects, with rock and roll as the sound base. In addition, the interaction between musician and dancer, bringing to the stage the theatricality, connection and fusion between the TWO ARTS (Duabus Artibus).”

“Duabus Artibus intends to perform both in the Brazilian and International scene, participating in events, promoting its own shows or as contractors. Also in social funds shows and inscriptions on incentive laws. We have our Facebook page where everyone can find videos, songs, photos, performances, etc.”

Work with music bands:

“I started dancing Rock Fusion in 2007 with a local band – Matilha whose guitarist was my ex-husband. I currently perform with Black Dog Brazil – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin band, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, and with FIC Trio band, which is the Black Dog Brazil band, but without one of the members and with a more diversified repertoire (classic, metal, hard, psychedelic).”
Cultura Rock

If I could dance with famous band it would be Black Sabbath, ACDC or Metallica. DIO (if he was alive) would be the first option!

Rhada Nashpitz, where to find her?

E-mail: rhadadarkdancer@gmail.com

Facebook: RhadaNaschpitz, Rock Fusion Dance,

Dance method: Motus Cornicem

Duabus Artibus: Facebook page