Her dance style:

“My style is a fusion of tribal dance and contemporary dance, mainly.”

Choreographic work:

“Regarding to the music, I prefer to dance to hard-rock songs, no matter if they are more energetic  or ballads. I’ve done performances with songs like “Sonne” or “Seemann” (Rammstein) and with “Personal Jesus” (Depeche mode).”


Her artistic point of view:

“Rock-Metal is my favorite genre of music since I was about 12 years old.  It is also the music that I love to dance most. In short, it is the music genre that makes me feel free to express myself.  I’m starting my rock-metal dance path little by little, using mostly the tribal fusion dance style.”

“The biggest challenge I find within the rock-metal dance is choreographing the rhythm variations and the fluidity of movement in transitions, but I really enjoy doing it.”

“I would like to work with music bands, both in music videos and concerts.”

Shaiade, where to find her?

E-mail: danza.shaiade@gmail.com