Her dance style:

“I can’t describe with words the style exactly when I am dancing to rock & metal songs. There is no specific genre for me. In addition, I’ve done some dance performances in a rock /metal clubs and take part in other shows and performances, using this type of music and many others.”

“I like dancing to every style of rock/metal music, but I can remark bands like Rammstein and music styles like hard rock, black metal and gothic metal.”


Her artistic point of view:

“I combine many different styles of dance, but it always depends on the music too. For me, dancing is a way to escape from everyday routine life and, thanks to dance, I can express myself. It’s something creative and at the same time I work on my body possibilities movements and my facial expressions. Dance it’s not only about movements, it’s something deeper inside me.”

“I have also worked as a model, dj and performer in other fields. I am open to all types of art”.


About Rock & Metal dance scene in Berlin:

“I live in Berlin and here in Germany the metal scene is very big, but some bands can’t afford to have a performer on stage in every concert/tour with them. However, I believe here they are open to this form of art, mostly shows with special effects than a simply dance performance act.”

Wave Gotik Treffen & work with bands:

“Dancing at Wave-Gotik-Treffen  was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I have done various dance performances for some bands, clubs also some shows too and I have participated in music videos and shootings.”

“There are some bands I would like to collaborate with, hard to say only one! I am open to serious proposals from professional bands and artists:  dance performances, stage performances/shows, videoclips, shootings…”


Thenia, where to find her?

Facebook: Thenia Afentoulidou

Instagram: theniaaf

Email: theniaafentoulidou@hotmail.com