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December, 16 – VITA IMANA´s tour final concert (Madrid, Spain)

The dancer Ilhaam will be part of the show of the last concert of the tour of the Spanish metal band VITA IMANA. Sala Cool Stage (Madrid, Spain). Open doors: 19h.

December – Show “We will rock you” (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rock dance fusion show produced by Rhada Naschpitz. More info coming soon…


November, 3 – “Belly Horror Rock” (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Dance show at Bar Ca’n Juan, with the participation of One Man Rocks.

November, 4 – Show “Entre sombras” (Caracas, Venezuela)

Based on Edgar Allan Poe´s and Stephen King´s works. Directed by rock-metal dancer Akzara Martini.

November, 18 – Bellydance Rocks! dance workshop (Barcelona, Spain)

Bellydance Rocks! dance workshop by Vera Mahsati at Proyecto Salamandra Fest. An approach for dancers interested in using Blues & Rock music in their fusion, that gives them examples of how to apply technique to musical structure, for choreography, improvisation and interaction with other dancers. Registration at

November, 24-26 – International dance festival “Gothla Spain”  (Madrid)

Spanish edition of the international alternative dance festival  del festival “Gothla”. Directed by Morgana, international dance star and teacher and director of Morgan East & West Dance Center. More info at Gothla Spain website.

November, 25 – Stravaganzza´s concert at Sala Fussion  (Valencia, Spain)

Rock & Metal Dance will participate in Stravaganzza´s tour. Valencia on November, 25 .Open doors: 21h. Concert: 22h. Buy tickets.


October, 14 – Cabaret Noir (Madrid, Spain)

Vaulted Chamber Productions presents its Autumn edition of Cabaret Noir. This show, created by dancer Shajara, explores the cabaret decadent. Sala Búho Real, calle de Regueros 5, Madrid (España). More info in their Facebook.

October, 21 – Stravaganzza tour at “Sala Custom” (Sevilla, Spain)

Rock & Metal Dance will participate in Stravaganzza´s tour. Sevilla on October, 21 .Open doors: 20h. Concert: 21h. Buy tickets.

October, 28 – Show “TribalRock Fusion” (Madrid, Spain)

“Pesadilla antes de Halloween”, new show created by TribalRock Fusion, organized by dancer Maridark. Sala El Rompeolas, calle Tarragona, 18. Madrid. 21:30 horas. More info at Open doors: 20:30h.

October, 28 – Festival “BilboGothDark” (Bilbao, Spain)

I Dark Dance in Bilbao (Spain). Show on 28th October at 18h at Teatro Otxargoaga (Bilbao, Spain).


September, 23  – Stravaganzza concert at “La Riviera” (Madrid)

“Rock & Metal Dance” will choreograph the show of the Spanish metal band Stravaganzza at “La Riviera” (Madrid). A full work of choreographic composition, costume design and crafts to give life to the music on stage. Several scenic-choreographic passages elaborated with the participation of a cast of ten multidisciplinary artists. Open doors: 19:30h. Concert: 21h. Buy tickets.

September, 30 – Stravaganzza tour at “Razzmatazz 2” (Barcelona)

“Rock & Metal Dance” will participate in Stravaganzza´s tour. Barcelona on September, 30 . Open doors: 20h. Concert: 21h. Buy tickets.


August, 11 – workshop “Rock Fusion Dance” (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Workshop “Rock Fusion Dance” by Rhada Naschpitz in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In this workshop, we will study the Rock & Roll music in deep, issue of great importance for those who intend to work with this genre in their dance. We will investigate extensively the diverse influences and styles from birth in the late 1940s and early 1950s, spanning the decades of 50,60,70, 80, 90, 2000, to the present day. Knowing musical styles makes it possible to have more material to design the performance. We will see the possibilities of movements of each decade, their interpretations and their aesthetic applied to the dance. We will take as reference the Tribal Fusion, the ATS and its ethnic and contemporary influences as styles of dances to make this Rock & Roll dance fusion.

August, 19  – dance show “Tribute to Tim Burton” (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Event commemorating the director, producer, writer, cartoonist and animator Tim Burton with a broad cast of dancers from different disciplines performing some of Burton’s most successful songs in one show. On August 19 at 4:00 pm at the Charles Chaplin Auditorium (Guadalajara, Mexico). More info here.


July, 9 – workshop “Rock & Metal Dance for Tribal fusion dancers” (Madrid, Spain)

Already a Tribal Fusion/ ATS/Oriental dancer?  So, why not to take advantage of all your knowledge to dance Rock & Metal? A good way to create new steps is to modify the ones we already know to adapt them to the music. In the case of this musical genre, we will seek above all to harden the movements and emphasize their drama. The workshop explains adaptations of steps already known by the dancer and offers a guide so that she can create her own. Reserve your place at Morgan East & West website

Skills required: Tribal Fusion/ATS/Oriental Dance knowledge / Level: intermediate and above / Length: 2h / Price: 30€

July, 14 – 16 – international dance festival “Gothla”, UK edition (Leicester, UK)

Dark show, open stage and dance workshops. Check the Gothla UK official website for further information.

July, 15 and 16 – Dance festival “Light in the Darkness” (Mexico City, Mexico)

Event organized by rock-metal dancer Kambrah Gil. Show and dance workshops “The art of choreography” and “The art of disconnection” with the international gothic dancer Ariellah. All the information about the show and workshops here.



July, 20-22th – Dance workshop at festival “Pirata Rock” (Gandia, Spain)

Dance workshop with the rock fusion dancer Almudena Valdeolivas at music festival Pirata Rock in Gandia (Spain). Free admission.


June, 3 – Rock fusion dance workshop (Zaragoza, Spain)

Rock fusion dance workshop by Azahara Pintanel on Saturday June, 3 in Zaragoza (Spain).

June, 8 – Conciert Orphaned Land + Sechem (Madrid, Spain)

Oriental metal at sala Copérnico (Madrid). 20h.  This show includes bellydancers.

June, 9 – Show: “Eternas II”  (Mostoles, Spain)

Dance show by  BloodyMary´s dance school in Mostoles (Madrid, Spain). Dance styles: oriental dance, tribal fusion dance, tribal ATS and Rock & Metal dance.

June, 13 – Show “300” (Madrid, Spain)

Dance and fighting scenes show by Morgan East & West dance center (*). Inspired by movies “300”. Teatro Obispo Perelló. 20,30h, Madrid (Spain).


June, 17-18-19 – Show NIGHT (Madrid, Spain)

Cristiane Azem´s Dance Studio show, created and directed by Myriam Soler and Cristiane Azem. With a dark atmosphere, highly recommended to every gothic imagery lover (*). 20h, Teatro Galileo (Madrid). More info at their web.

June, 18 – Festival UNO (Toledo, Spain)

Festival UNO, centered in oriental and fusion dance. We will see a metal choreography too by dancer  Maia May, who will dance a Moonspell´s song.  21.00 at Centro de Arte de Toledo.

June, 24 – Show “El grial. La búsqueda definitiva” (Valladolid, Spain)

Dance and audiovisuals show by Farah Diva Dance Center. 20.30h. Scene direction and screenplay by Zarina. Choreographies by  Farah Diva Dance Center. Dance styles: oriental danza, tribal fusion, tribal ATS burlesque and dance with several elements. Show includes a scene and a choreography with the symphonic metal band Nightwish (*).

(*) Note: generally, the music of this show does not belong to the genres rock or metal. The show is included in the agenda for being highly recommended to Rock & Metal dancers due to its aesthetic and choreographic work.


May, 5 – Bellydance Rocks! at “The Doors – 50th Aniversary” (Almada, Portugal)

Event on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the release of The Doors‘ first album. The Rock & Blues dancer Vera Mahsati (Bellydance Rocks! project) will perform songs from this album and the evening will be enlivened by DJs Pedro Temporão and Paulo Carbone. Sart time: 10pm. Free entrance.


May, 19 – Show “Darkade Dance + Metal” (Mexico City, Mexico)

Show of Dance + Metal by Darkade in Foro Moctezuma – Espacio cultural, along with other artists. Start time: 7:30 p.m. Admission: $ 120 (advance), $ 150 (box office).


 May, 27 – Show “TribalRock Fusion” (Madrid, Spain)

Premiere of the show TribalRock Fusion organized by the rock-metal dancer Maridark. Elisade, Jhadija, Katxusa, Shajara, Seydköna, Maridark, Shaiade and Zarina. Crystal Silmi as guest artist. They collaborate in the event: Calacas T-Shirt, Magenta’s Blood, Dog School and The Wrath of the Wolf Crafts. Sala El Rompeolas Calle Tarragona, 18. Madrid. Entrance with drink (beer or soft drink): € 8 at the box office, € 6 in advance at Opening doors: 20:30 hours. Show: 21 hours.



April, 3 –  Bellydance Rocks! project (Lisbon, Portugal)

Bellydance Rocks! by Vera Mahsati adopt a regular format from April every Monday at 19:45 in Espaço9 (Lisbon, Portugal). During the course we will study the technique of oriental dance applied to music Blues and Rock while exploring the history of rock from its roots in the blues to alternative rock. The technique used in these classes ranges from traditional and classical Egyptian styles of oriental dance, to tribal fusion, contemporary style that emerged in the last decades in the USA. Registration: More info at Bellydance Rocks!.

April, 7 – Show “On Stage” – Morgan East & West (Madrid, Spain)

Show “On Stage” on April 7 at 8 pm in Madrid. Among other issues, rock will be present through the choreographic project “Highway to Hell” by Zarina, as part of the Morgan East & West Choreograpic Studies. It will performed by the dancers BloodyMary, Olivia, Mila and Vero Montero. Also, dancer Jhadija will present another choreographic project based on music of Gotthard.

Highway to hell

April, 22 – Hafla Tarab – (Lisbon, Portugal)

Show “Hafla Tarab”. Dancers Vera Mahsati and Zarina will present rock-metal dance choreographies, among other acts.

April, 23 – Rock & Metal Dance Meeting – (Lisbon, Portugal)

Vera Mahsati and Zarina invite all dancers interested in exploring Rock and Metal music in their performances to join them and share their experiences in the first Rock & Metal Dance roundtable in Europe! This first meeting will take place in Lisbon (Portugal). Other artists interested in these styles of music are also invited to join us and discuss ways to meaningfully collaborate with dancers. You will find a casual and friendly space for changing ideas, sharing our work and plan future collaborations. Sunday, April 23 at 17:30h, Lisbon (Portugal). Place to be confirmed. Join us!

April, 29  – Rock &  Blues dance workshop at “Festival Ponto de Encontro” – (Almada, Portugal)

Bellydance Rocks first merchandising collection and workshop of Bellydance Rocks style by Vera Mahsati at Festival Ritmo no Ponto at Ponto de Encontro (Almada, Portugal) on April, 29th. Best way to celebrate International Dance day!

April, 30  – Rock & Metal dance workshop at Viña Rock – (Villarrobledo, España)

Rock & Metal dance workshop within the activities that feminist association Femirockers have organized for Viña Rock festival weekend. Activities will take place at Villarrobledo village and dance workshop is scheduled at Sunday April 30 at 15:30h. Free entrance.


March, 4 – dance workshop “The Doors Edition”, Bellydance Rocks! project (Lisboa, Portugal)

Learn belly dance technique and how to apply it to rock music, while exploring the history of rock from blues to contemporary alternative or “indie” rock. Email for registration and more information or check the event on Facebook.


The Doors dance workshop

March, 18 – dance workshop “Rock & Lust”. Gothla Italia Festival (Milan, Italy)

In this workshop we experience both our female and male side: we will underline our sinuous essence, we will be sensual and powerful: because a rock woman is the sexiest and the wildest woman who exists! The international dancer and teacher Morgana will make us dance funny and provocative sequences using techniques taken from burlesque, jazz, and dark fusion at the rhythm of rock. More info and registration at Gothla Italia website.

Gothla Italia Rock workshop

March, 18 – show “The BellyRock Cabaret 2.0” (Madrid, Spain)

Rock & Metal dance fusion show in Madrid. In this edition, some musicians will colaborate with the dancers to offer dancing with live music. Free entrance. Open doors: 21h. More info in their Facebook Page.

Show BellyRock 18 Marzo


February, 3 – show “A Rock Symphony” (Madrid, Spain)

This Friday, February 3, Morgan East & West Dance Center directed by the international dance star Morgana, within its quarterly performances of On Stage courses, presents “A Rock Symphony”. As a featured rock act of the show we will be able to see a mix of classic rock symphonic versions of big groups such as Nirvana, Iron Maiden, AC / DC and  versions of “La Grange” (ZZ Top) and “Smoke On The Water” (Deep Purple) performed by the fantastic Spanish violinist Judith Mateo. In addition, we will be able to see in the same line “A Cinema Symphony” and the solo performances of Maia May, Jhadija, Fénix, Alba, Johari Momo and Zarina.

February, 26 -workshop “Rock & Metal Dance for Tribal Fusion dancers” (Madrid, Spain)

Already a Tribal Fusion/ ATS/Oriental dancer?  So, why not to take advantage of all your knowledge to dance Rock & Metal? A good way to create new steps is to modify the ones we already know to adapt them to the music. In the case of this musical genre, we will seek above all to harden the movements and emphasize their drama. The workshop explains adaptations of steps already known by the dancer and offers a guide so that she can create her own.

Skills required: Tribal Fusion/ATS/Oriental Dance knowledge / Level: intermediate and above / Length: 2h / Price: 30€

Reserve your place at:


January, 5 – show BellyRock! (Rivas, Spain)

BellyRock! at Roscón Rock fest, organized by Asociación +Volumen.  22h, Casa de la Juventud (Av. del Parque de Asturias, 28523). Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid

January, 13 – show Taifa + Ank’hara (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Sahara (Ank’hara Dance Company) will be dancing with Taifa (Andalousian rock) during their acoustic concert. Taifa will be playing some songs from their new CD “Embrujo”.

January, 15 – workshop “Rock & Burlesque” (Madrid, Spain)

Rock & Burlesque dance workshop at East&West Dance Center. More info here.

January, 21-22 – show Zarafussion (Zaragoza, Spain)

Rock & Metal will also have its niche in the eclectic Zarafussion festival that embraces various styles of dance and music. More info in their Facebook. January, 21-22 at Zaragoza (Spain).

January, 31 – dancer Kambrah Gil + Orphaned Land (Mexico City, Mexico)

Kambrah Gil will be dancing with the band Orphaned Land in its concert in Mexico City at “El Circo Volador”. Tuesday, January 31 at 7:00 p.m.

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More workshops and events coming soon…