What about the rock-metal dance scene today? Read my experience!

Rockland Dance Session

The first event we celebrated in Spain where some dancers met up and dance to rock-metal music was Rockland Dance Session, in May 2013. After two years of rock-metal dance lessons in Rockland (rock music rehearsal studios), it was time to put the choreographies on stage. Some friends were also invited to dance. I express my gratitude to them because some of the dancers made an special effort to choreograph music that was not part of their usual repertoire.



In parallel, another rock-metal dancer, Shajara, was organizing another event that had an enormous importance in the rock-metal dance scene: Bellyrock, named Bellymetal in its first edition. This event was celebrated monthly during three years since 2013, allowing all the alternative dancers to perform rock-metal music. Many dancers have taken part of it during these years and we also performed with rock bands like Cronometrobudu, who shared their stage with us. I liked specially its underground and casual spirit and the opportunity to perform in metal scene historical clubs like V-Kaos.



Gothla is an alternative dance festival celebrated yearly in USA, UK, Spain, Italy and Brasil. Fusion dancers present their dark choreographies and performances in a theater context. In Spain , this festival is organized by the dancer Morgana since 2009. Thanks to her, I participated as a soloist in the 2015 edition, dancing to the song “Esperanza” from the Spanish metal band Stravaganzza. The atmosphere of the piece was vampiric , based on the Charles Baudelaire´s vampiric poems. I was fortunate to count for theatrical parts with an exceptional actor: Pepe Herrero, a member of Stravaganzza and the author of the song.


Working with bands

Rock-metal dancers´work with bands has two mainly axis to focus on: dancing in concerts and dancing in music videos. Little by little musicians invite dancers to their shows, making their concerts more visual. Despite it, only in very few cases dancers are really part of the show. Normally, it´s a one-time collaboration. Also, dancers also appear in some music videos but sometimes the dancer is not performing a real choreography: she´s just making movements without an artistic work behind. Anyway, it is positive to find some pieces of work in this direction.

Other dancers worldwide

In other countries, there are some metal belly dancers who dedicate their careers to  rock-metal music from the point of view of belly dance. Also, many tribal fusion dancers all over the world from time to time choose rock-metal music for their performances. Are you a rock-metal dancer or you have made a rock-metal choreography and you want us to make a review? Contact here!