Check in this section the workshops, classes and conferences available that I can give in your school, festival or event and the ones available at my Online Dance Studio. Some workshops are specialized in instruments (voice, guitar, drums), so students have the option to follow the lesson in collaboration with musicians and composers. To request more information or to hire one of them, write to or use the contact form.

Rock & Metal – Online Dance Studio

1.-Workshop “Rock & Metal Dance: fundamentals”

Workshop of introduction to the Rock & Metal Dance. In this workshop we will learn basic steps and postures for rock-metal dancing. We will create figures and steps that match the contrast and speed of music, looking for the underlying warrior energy in styles like Heavy Metal. For this, we will be inspired by different styles of dance and movements suggested by the music itself, codifying them to reuse the steps in our rock-metal choreographies. Note: This is not a Tribal Fusion or Metal Bellydance workshop.

Skills required: none  /  Level: open  /  Length: 2h or 2,5h



2.-Workshop “Rock & Metal Dance for Tribal Fusion dancers

Already a Tribal Fusion/ ATS/Oriental dancer?  So, why not to take advantage of all your knowledge to dance Rock & Metal? A good way to create new steps is to modify the ones we already know to adapt them to the music. In the case of this musical genre, we will seek above all to harden the movements and emphasize their drama. The workshop explains adaptations of steps already known by the dancer and offers a guide so that she can create her own.

Skills required: Tribal Fusion/ATS/Oriental Dance knowledge / Level: intermediate and above / Length: 2h or 2,5h


3.-Workshop “Rock & Metal Dance for choreographers”

The Rock & Metal Dance is based on the musical genre, from which we create the movements. As choreographers, we will learn the music characteristics and how to analyze it, what rhythms and structures we will usually find, what are the typical themes and topics and how to choose an appropriate costume. We will pay special attention to guitar solos, given its importance and recurring presence within Rock & Metal. We will also make a brief introduction to subgenera. All the above contents are directed to design the movements and sequences more suitable for a rock-metal song and will propose steps and combos that illustrate the concepts.

Skills required: knowledge of any dance style / Level: open / Length: 2h or 2,5h

musical analysis

4.-Workshop”Choreography CFH/Painkiller/Master of Puppets…”

In this workshop we will learn a choreography (approximately 2 minutes *) of a Rock & Metal classic song. Edited music with the extract of the choreography learned will be delivered, so that the dancer can represent it in her performances. Available songs: Cowboys from Hell (Pantera), Sympathy for the Devil (Guns & Roses), Painkiller (Judas Priest), Master of Puppets (Metallica), My Immortal (Evanescence).

 (*) To learn the complete choreography, ask for conditions (required class hours, dates, etc.)

Level: intermediate and above / Length: 2,5h or 3h


5.-Workshop “On stage: fundamentals”

We will learn how to design all the aspects involved in choreographic staging: musical analysis, choreographic composition, script, costume design and lighting, use of technology, theatrical resources and mime for the creation of characters. The exercises and examples focus on the rock-metal subculture, but the knowledge can be used by dancers of any style. It includes worksheets that facilitate the creation of a staging in an orderly and structured way.

Skills required: knowledge of any dance style / Level: intermediate and above / Length: 2,5h or 3h


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