BellyRock was born in Madrid en 2013. Know everything about this show which promotes Rock & Metal dance in concert halls around the city.

Bellyrock was originally proposed by the dancer Shajara in order to create an event that merged oriental dance with rock-metal music. Its first edition took place on June 15, 2013 under the name BellyMetal. From the second edition, the event definitively adopted the name BellyRock.Bellymetal

BellyRock started in Alma Estudio (c / Magin Calvo 23, Madrid), currently El Antojito, which to date have been held many editions. In addition to El Antojito, the format has visited various alternative venues of Madrid in the last three years, such as Lemon, Graffiti or the legendary V-Kaos. Bands like Cronometrobudu or Helix Nebula have also shared the stage with BellyRock dancers.

Its monthly regularity has been one of the great achievements of BellyRock during the first two and a half years, thanks to Shajara´s great and hard work. This has been a key to the development of Rock & Metal dance. Its underground nature has also enabled the dancers a lot of creative freedom. The atmosphere of the clubs and the support of colleagues have also favored taking the risk to innovate in new musical fields.

An eclectic atmosphere

Artistic innovation resulted in an eclectic environment. BellyRock performances have been multifarious and not always based on the music or aesthetics required, but it certainly has been the event that has contributed most to encourage the rock-metal dance scene in Madrid.

In these four years multiple dancers have passed through its stage, some of whom carry out their work in other styles but created specific choreographies for BellyRock. Although they are not strictly part of the Rock & Metal scene, their contribution has been very important to see what common denominators use interpreters when choreographing Rock & Metal.



BellyRock today

Shajara abandoned in July 2015 BellyRock direction to focus on other projects like Cabaret Noir, which retrieves the burlesque from an ironic and decadent perspective. After months of little activity, BellyRock returned in summer 2016 with more energy than ever. Currently, the project has been renewed and taken the name The BellyRock Cabaret 2.0 and its leaded by Almudena Valdeolivas. The last show took place on 18 March in Madrid.



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