When choosing your dance costume, remember than simplicity has never characterized any metal style.

Costumes should combine aesthetics and comfort to run fast and aggressive movements but without falling into the minimalist costumes that you can find in contemporary dance, for example.  Simplicity has never characterized any metal style.

Dance pants

They are the best choice for rock-metal dance because they allow more freedom when dancing. I recommend stretch pants for the same reason. The simplest is to use clothing lines that many tribal fusion dancers design and handcrafted.  You will find the so-called melody pants, ruffle pants, garther pants, pirates…


The choice of a long skirt depends a lot on the chosen song, but it is not the best option for very fast movements.  However, you can feel comfortable with a long skirt or dress in ballads or if you use it as a choreographic element.

Short skirts can be used as overskirts together with pants or longer skirts. If used alone, you should know that some steps, especially hip movements, involve some movements of knees or ankles which it is convenient to hide because it disfigure the beauty of the global posture.

Top and belt set

The use of tops and decorated bras instead of T-shirts, for example, is a direct legacy of oriental dance and tribal dance. Tops and bras are a good choice for showing the tattoos that many dancers wear in the abdomen and lower back. The belt, besides decorating, also serves to highlight hip movements. Often the top and belt are part of the same set.


Boots provide forceful style movements but diminish speed.  Moreover, an extra force is required to perform jumps, for example, and make the work floor. An important thing to consider when dancing with boots is the type of dance floor: your boots can slip over or, which is worse, adhere too much to the dance floor.

Heels are not the most appropriate type of shoes for dancing this so fast music. Although the heels have the advantage of reducing the supporting surface on the ground, which favors the turns, one of the main disadvantages is the difficulty of articulating the foot, which prevents or hinders many movements. Jumps, falls and floor work, of fundamental importance in the rock-metal dance, are also severely disadvantaged by wearing heels. Ultimately, both heels and boots are the dancer´s choice.


Bracelets, necklaces, hats, gloves … will help us to complete the costume. Masks are also a stunning complement, but beware that they can hinder your vision!