Zarina and Vera Mahsati invite all dancers interested in exploring Rock and Metal music in their performances to join them and share their experiences in the first Rock & Metal Dance roundtable in Europe! This first meeting will take place in Lisbon (Portugal). Other artists interested in these styles of music are also invited to join us and discuss ways to meaningfully collaborate with dancers. You will find a casual and friendly space for changing ideas, sharing our work and plan future collaborations.

What you will find?

We will focus the round table in the following topics.

  • Present and future of Rock & Metal Dance.
  • Research on dance technique.
  • Working with music bands.
  • Dancers around the World.

New propolsas are also welcomed!

Do you want to see us in action? Join us the previous day in Hafla Tarab!  On Saturday April, 22 at 19h. Sala Visconti (Lisbon, Portugal).

Zarina & Vera Mahsati, spreading the word in Europe!

This first meeting is organized by Vera Mahsati and Zarina, two of our Queens of Rock & Metal. Learn about their projects at the meeting!

Vera Mahsati (Lisbon, Portugal)

Vera Mahsati will share with us her Bellydance Rocks! project, dedicated to explore artistic connections between Belly Dance and Blues n’ Rock music. She has already created several dance productions of her own under this topic, presented in Lisbon and Coimbra (Portugal). She also has presented her choreographies of Blues n’ Rock Bellydance Fusion in several shows that took place in Lisbon, Almada, Porto, Albufeira and Barcelona. Currently she also teaches classes and workshops of this format in Lisbon and Loures.


Photography: Luís Conde


Zarina (Madrid, Spain)

Zarina is Spanish dancer and teacher from Madrid, as well as a Rock &Metal music lover. Rock & Metal Dance (English) / Danza Rock & Metal (Spanish) is her most recent and ambitious project, articulated around three main axes: artistic creation, visibility of Rock & Metal dancers and choreographers, and sociological research. Since 2009, she has created many Rock & Metal choreographies and collaborated with different musicians on several audiovisual projects, promoting dance and performing arts within the Rock & Metal world.

Photography: Zyllan

Join us in Lisbon!

This first meeting will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) on Sunday, April 23 at Café Fabulas (Calçada Nova de São Francisco nº14, Lisbon).

Free entrance!
You are all invited 🙂