Do you want to become a rock-star dancer? I am sure rock-metal music is already in your blood, so let´s focus in the “becoming a dancer” part…

I´m a beginner

First of all, you must learn how to dance! If you are a beginner, you have two ways you can follow:

    • Direct way: search for a dance program based on rock-metal music. The problem is there are very few teachers nowadays who are focused in this music genre. Online education is, in most cases, your only option. Internet has a lot of resources (online courses, free tutorials, choreographies…) you can use at home. You can also join my online training program, which is designed specifically for rock-metal music.
    • Indirect way: learn as many dance styles as you can. Then, mix them and make your own style. That way, it will be easier to become a creator. If you don´t have the opportunity to attend to more than one course, I recommend you starting with tribal fusion, which has itself a creative spirit.

Whatever you choose, I strongly recommend the combination of online and offline education for better results.

Find here an overview of my online rock-metal dance program and check here the teachers and offline dance schools where I learnt how to dance, how to think and how to design my own work.

I´m already a dancer

Ok, you are a dancer but not a rock-metal dancer…not yet! For that, you must understand the characteristics and spirit of rock-metal music and translate them into movement. Once you have danced to many songs, you will discover some patterns you always repeat: they are your starting point to become a rock-metal dance creator. At the beginning, you will notice you make mainly the movements you already know from other dance styles. Little by little, you will start to include in your choreographies “new” steps which better fit the music.

Three tips to create your own steps…

    1) Just dance to your favorite rock-metal songs…Inspiration will come!
    2) Modify those steps you already now. Make them harder!
    3) Watch as many dancers dancing to fast and strong musical pieces as you can, even they are not dancing to rock-metal music (it is hard to find people dancing to it!).

In my online dance studio you can learn the results of my own research: they are a good starting point for you if you want to get a set of rock-metal dance resources faster.