Kambrah Gil, one of our Queens of Rock & Metal, told us in December 2016: “One of my greatest inspirations is Orphaned Land. Sharing the stage with them would certainly be extraordinary!” A few weeks later, on January 31, 2017, her dream came true and he performed with the band at his concert in Mexico City at El Circo Volador. In this special interview she tells us all about the experience: how she contacted them, the process of preparing the show, her feelings … Little by little, Rock & Metal Dance is growing and Kambrah Gil is one of the contributors.

1.- You have been part of the Orphaned Land show in Mexico City in January 2017. How did this collaboration come about?

Many people have asked me how I did to dance with them hahaha. I can only tell you that your job is who really speaks. I follow them in their social networks for a while. As it is a well-known band, when I send an invitation to Kobi (vocalist), he could not add more people because he already had many friends on Facebook, so I have no choice but to follow him, and that’s how it was for a long time. When I found out that they were coming to Mexico, I did not hesitate to send a message via Inbox to Kobi, presenting my work to him and letting him know how much admiration I had for his. When I sent the message, I doubted that he would answer me, but he took the time to see my videos because he replied that my work was beautiful, so I did not hesitate to tell him if I could participate with them in the concert in Mexico City.

Every day I checked my messages to see if he had already answered me … but nothing. It was not until two weeks before the concert that he sent me a message with the name of the songs they would play. To my surprise, he gave me three songs to perform, when I expected a single song! Hehehe, I really could not believe it. I could not believe that I would dance along with my favorite band! I cried, yes, I cried with happiness. And I incredulously sent him a message asking if it was true hahahahaha, that I was going to dance with them! And well, I only have to believe it and begin to choreograph the songs that he had indicated, which to my surprise were songs that I had not danced yet. And, basically, that’s how I made one of my biggest dreams!

Kambrah Gil dancing in Orphaned Land´s concert  on January, 31th 2017 at El Circo Volador (Mexico City).

2.-Combining dance and live music is a beautiful idea, but it requires a special preparation between the musicians and the dancer. How was the process of the performance?

Oh, it was difficult! You can imagine…In my dance studio I started to practice my choreography, thinking about covering the entire stage since it would be a very big space. I sent a message to Kobi asking if there would be a rehearsal before the concert, he answered yes and I was required to be present at the sound check. There my first bad surprise! Normally, dancers are used to work in more or less spacious and without any obstacle that restraints our movements, front and back, and in this case it is not like that. Effectively the stage is very big, but you have to take into account all the sound equipment of the band, the drums, many cables lying on the floor, microphones, guitars, bass … plus the members of the band and me! The space to dance was greatly reduced. I could not move much back due to the drums and all the sound equipment, I could not move to the sides because then the members would cover me and the public could not see me, and I could not get ahead because then I would cover the band. Hahahaha, can you imagine? So my movements were very limited, I had to do almost everything in my place and very careful not to get tangled up with the cables and take care not to hit me or collide with the members. And goodbye to my super rehearsals! I had no space to dance what I had already prepared, practically all my interpretation was improvised.


Kambrah y Orphaned en camerinos

Backstage: Kambrah Gil & Orphaned Land.

3.- On a technical and scenic level, what differences do you see between dancing with live music and dancing with studio music?

I only had two weeks to choreograph to three songs and I had never done before. Of course it changes too much. A recorded song is not the same as live! So I started listening to the songs on YouTube to have an idea of ​​how the songs would sound live. I thought that at the sound check I would rehearse with them and that I would listen to the songs, but what was my surprise: IT WAS NOT LIKE THAT! The sound check only consists, as the name says, in making SOUND TESTS and not to play all the songs, hahaha. So I trusted in the Universe and just let my dance flow :).

4.- Orphaned Land is one of your favorite bands to choreograph. How would you describe the feeling of dancing with the group in such a mythical venue like El Circo Volador for the Mexican Rock & Metal scene?

What can I tell you! It was simply incredible and certainly a great challenge as a dancer, since you have to control your emotions and put aside the fan part to focus on doing a good dance performance. They assigned me the same dressing room where they were, so I was at their side at all times. When it was time to put on the costumes, all the members were super respectful. They left the dressing room, hahahaha, and Kobi told me: when you’re ready, tell me to come back! Can you imagine? Being with the people you admire most, who are your source of inspiration, who love and admire their music, their work … it’s just something that steals your breath! I can tell you that they are amazing, natural and very kind human beings. I think I love them more now, hahaha!

5.- Do you foresee other collaborations with Orphaned Land in the future?

Of course I would love to repeat this unforgettable experience with them!

6.- What advice would you give to other dancers who want to follow your steps and dance with their favorite rock band?

I will tell them that never stop learning and rehearsing! Day by day, discipline, perseverance, passion and love for what you do will open the doors of many places. Your dance work will be the best recommendation letter you can have to get as far as you want to go. Dreams come true! If you believe in it, the Universe makes it possible!

7.-Finally, something else to add about this exceptional collaboration with Orphaned Land?
It was an unforgettable experience that leaves me many lessons. I know that this path is very long and I still have a lot to learn.  It does not end here, it just starts!


Kambrah Gil bailando en el concierto de Orphaned Land

Kambrah Gil dancing in Orphaned Land´s show

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