You like Rock and Metal and you may already be an Oriental dancer, fusion tribal or any other style.  Even if you do not like the music you dance, you continue to participate in choreographies and festivals that are far from your true artistic heart. Why?

Simply because there is no infrastructure created around Rock & Metal for dancers to help you. For the moment, there are hardly any courses, shows and work with bands of music, so it is easy to get hooked to larger projects from other dance disciplines. These projects offer us a community of dancers already formed, a good stage set and some regular classes to attend every week that are part of what we want as dancers. If all this was included in the subculture of Rock & Metal would be perfect. But it’s not like that.

Although it is great to participate in all this, there are dancers who feel that there is a piece that does not fit for us: the music. Those who have decided to take the step and change musical genre express it this way:

While I was studying many styles of dance, I realized that I did not feel complete with any of them and the main raison was precisely the music. Being the Rock music my favourite, I started to dance it with a mix of all the dances I was practising at that moment, and the result made me feel full.-Akzara, rock-metal dancer from Venezuela.

So what can we do?

First, be aware that the environment is not going to help us (at least, in the short term). The teachers of Tribal fusion can include rock choreographies from time to time and we can go to alternative dance festivals to dance ours, but these are just small spaces. For every chance to dance Rock & Metal, there are hundred to dance Tribal fusion.

The second is also to be aware that we ourselves are slowly putting it off as we get involved in other events. When we commit ourselves to a great dance project, we are leaving aside our own projects. In the end, another year passes and we have hardly done a rock-metal choreography. Or none. And after a few years our chance to dance the music we  really like will have disappeared.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that opportunities will not knock at our door. If we want a rock-metal dance event, we will have to organize it ourselves; if we want to dance in a festival or with a band of music, we will have to be the ones that make the proposal. This requires a lot of energy and proactivity (and also receiving many negatives or, alternatively, lack of response), but it is also an opportunity as there are still so few people on the Rock & Metal dance scene. Everything is waiting to be created.

Performing with Pepe Herrero (Stravaganzza) at Gothla Spain

What if I do not know how to dance?

In that case, you have an inconvenience: you need time to learn. However, you also have an advantage: you can start directly to dance to Rock & Metal without going through other styles. Soon I will make an article for fans of music that have not yet made the leap to artists.