Some reviews and media stuff.

Mariskal Rock Radio

In July 2012, Rockland girls went on a Mariskal Rock Radio invited to an interview dedicated to rock women. I shared microphone with Karen Parra (Rockland studios director ), Pilar Rubio (famous TV presenter and designer of Metalhead Clothing) , Bianca Sharma (FoxyLadys´ singer ) and Barbara Negro (former singer and leader of the Black Rock and currently at Barbara Black and Vintage Cabaret). Among the many topics we discussed, we talk about our dance lessons in Rockland. After the summer, we took part as dancers in the music video “Grita” (Zero3iete).

Gothic Noir Magazine

The first issue of Gothic Noir Magazine, released on Halloween 2011, published an extensive article about my work as a dancer, but more related to gothic dance than rock-metal dance. At that time, gothic dance began to become popular among some tribal fusion dancers, but finally its lack of definition has caused its slow dissolution. If you want to read more about dance evolution , click here.

Webs and blogs

El Camin Arte

El Camin Arte is a blog done by artists for artists, no matter if they are begginers or famous. In September 2016, they published an article about my work, which can be read here:

“Zarina. Danza de mujer, Brillo de metal” (Spanish)