Her dance style:

“My style is the fusion of oriental and tribal dance with metal music or hard rock.  And I love a good headbang! I think oriental and tribal dance styles do not exclude each other. Due to that, I mix both of them with this musical genre. I want to remark the gothic dance style, whose technique is different and, above all, more theatrical. “

“Why I dance to rock and metal? Well, as Barón Rojo would say,” mi rollo es el rock”. It’s a feeling, it’s a passion, it’s a way of life. For me, dance and rock are my two great passions, so what better way to enjoy this music and to be able to dance it? Dancing to rock-metal is an artistic expression and a rupture of prejudices with the thought it is a not-danceable musical genre. For this reason, it is important to make rock-metal dancers visible, those who perform outside the typical standards. We are in this world simply because the music fills us with energy and we try to express it in our performances. “

Photography: AMC Martos (left) & Miguel Ángel (right). Cover photo: Zoca

Choreographic work:

“My first metal choreography was premiered at Zaragoza Dance and Goth (Zaragoza, Spain) and it was “Black Rain” by Ozzy Osbourne: a powerful theme with lots of strength; with Ozzy´s touch of dark and oriental sounds.”

“I always try to find metal or hard rock songs and dance to them in different thematic events, i.e. Gothla´s Open Stage organized by Morgana, BellyRock, or Cabaret Noir, organized by Shajara.

Apart from “Black Rain”, I choreographed other themes such us “Rag Doll” by Aerosmith, “Spanish Caravan” by The Doors, “Paseando por la mezquita” by the Spanish metal band Medina Azahara, “Save me from myself” by Sirenia, Dragula by Rob Zombie performed at a Halloween´s event…”

Jhadija Belly Metal por fayalina17

“As student of Morgan East & West Dance Center, I had the great luck to dance with my classmates “Feed my Frankstein” by Alice Cooper, as part of the show “Undead”. I have also performed other more gothic musical styles (Solace, Medusa Crown) using a double saber as a dance element, in events of Jarifa Bellydance, Amon Tobin and Furthur 2014.”

“Undead”, Morgan East & West´s dance show

Her artistic point of view:

“When I choreograph to rock-metal music, I personally find it easy and full of all advantages. The only problem that I have detected is the few events where I can perform this musical genre. Fortunately, this is changing little by little.”

“When you love this type of music and you have been listening to rock-metal bands for so many years, attending to their concerts, admiring them deeply…and you can combine it with the dance techniques you have acquired training in various styles, you enjoy a lot preparing a new choreography.”


Photography: Juan M. Mato

Her tips for other rock-metal dancers:

“Express energy, strength and mysticism, but above all … enjoy it. And to take good care of your neck when moving your long hair !!”

“If you enjoy this music, acquire dance skills and never stop training. And don´t forget the most important thing: the feeling and respect for this musical and artistic genre.”

“Your dance costume is also important: combine all kinds of accessories and your heavy, rock or gothic clothing, along with your dance clothes. A good image on stage and a good development of your dance is an assured success. And remember: humility and respect above all. “

Photography: Jhadija (left) and Jacob Gray (right)

About rock-metal dance scene in Spain and Madrid, her city:

“In Spain, and specifically in Madrid, there are many new and old music bands wishing to share their art in big concerts. Apart from them, dancers are also looking forward to take part of the scene and get a place in the events.”

Working with bands:

“I danced with Cronómetrorobudú in a special edition of BellyRock celebrated at Sala Lemon (Madrid). I have also danced with the Spanish metal bands Zyphra and Helix Nebula.”

“Very soon, I will participate in the upcoming An Danzza music video.”

“Off the stage, I’ve been fortunate to participate as an alternative model in BellyGoth-style photography sessions by Jacob Gray, at the Madrid´s Almudena Cemetery.”

“Any proposal is always welcome. It is a pleasure and an honor for me.”

Dancing with Zyphra: Inmortal.

Dancing with Helix Nebula.

Jhadija, where to find her?

Facebook: Alejandra Vera (Jhadija)

YouTube Channel: Janitastein

¡¡¡Long live ROCK & ROLL!!!