Veils, wings, daggers, candles…include an element in you choreography!

Alternative dances have made use of elements from different dances of the world. We can take advantage from them for our rock-metal shows, adapting the element to our rock aesthetics. Depending on their nature, we can divide them into air elements, metal elements and fire elements.



The veil is a delicate and aerial element. Its flight depends on the material it is made: silk veils are lighter than gauze one, so they have a more subtle flight, although they are also slower and more difficult to control. There are veils in many colors and shapes, so it is not difficult to find one that fits our dance costume.


The called Wings of Isis are one of the most spectacular elements, but also one of the most limiting when moving. With wings you can make basically two types of movements: spinning and poses. Inside the rock-metal dance they are perfect to represent winged characters like the Angel, the Devil or the Phoenix.


Its possibilities are halfway between the wings and the veil. It is much heavier than a veil, but without the rods of the wings. Moving a cap is not so easy due to its weight and height and the absence of rods. If you are not an experience dancer, you´d better if you use it as a theater resource, used to represent archetypal characters like vampires and magicians.


Daggers and knives

Daggers are a perfect complement to the dancer, as many metal songs have an underlying warrior character. The most typical movements with daggers are poses, rotations and cuts. Be careful as it is not difficult to slip out of hand.


One or two swords in your choreography are amazing. However, remember swords require a lot of space and good management. It is not an element that can be selected by beginners and it has a slow learning curve.


Chains can be used as part of your dance costume, placing them on your wrists and holding them to your belt or top. They can also be used as an element. The movements we can do in this case are circles and roll the chain around your body.



Candles are used in small stands, one in each hand. You can make figures with your arms and poses also, in various heights.

Fire fans

Fire fans are a very special element that also requires special space conditions. They are visually spectacular but our movements are very restricted, as in the rest of the elements of fire.

Fire chains

They present worse problems as fire fans, as you need even more space for managing them. Outdoor spaces are your only option. The basic movements are twists, beating both of them in the same direction, in an alternating one or crossing them.