This Friday, February 3, Morgan East & West Dance Center directed by the international dance star Morgana, within its quarterly performances of On Stage courses, presents “A Rock Symphony”.

As a featured act of the show we will be able to see a mix of classic rock symphonic versions of big groups such as Nirvana, Iron Maiden, AC / DC and  versions of “La Grange” (ZZ Top) and “Smoke On The Water” (Deep Purple) performed by the fantastic Spanish violinist Judith Mateo. Choreographed by Morgana and interpreted by the dancers Anabel García, Elisabet Cansino, Bloody Mary, Maia May, Mila Reguero, Olivia Luis, Raquel Rabadán and Zarina.

In addition, we will see in the same line “A Cinema Symphony”, a series of soundtracks symphonic version of the films Mission Impossible, James Bond, The Avengers and Pulp Fiction, also choreographed by Morgana and interpreted by Alba Gutierrez, Arana Carrasco, Clara Isabel Hernández, Davinia, Inma Carpintero, Susana García and Victoria Segura.

Finally, we also enjoy the solo performances of Maia May, Jhadija, Fénix, Alba, Johari Momo and Zarina.

A Rock Symphony

In addition to being part of the cast of “A Rock Symphony”, my solo performance will consist of the interpretation of “Painkiller” by Judas Priest. You will see my version of the metal monster: half woman, half machine.



At Centro Cultural Pilar Miró (Centro Cultural Pilar Miró, C/ Antonio María Segovia s/n, Villa de Vallecas (Madrid)). Entrance free. Open doors at 7.30pm.

Symphonic Rock for tribal fusion dancers

One of the most interesting aspects that tribal fusion dancers will appreciate in the choreography “A Rock Symphony” is how they can introduce Rock & Metal music in their repertoire without losing the essence of their dance sytle.

In the Rock & Metal symphonic versions, the music becomes sweeter and loses the hardness of the metallic sound, without losing its strength.

The symphonic versions of the Classics of Rock introduce instruments such as violins and cellos that allow us to take full advantage of the undulations of the repertoire of Tribal Fusion movements, which hardly fit the original versions of the songs. The music softens and loses the hardness of the metallic sound, without losing its strength. Within this subgenre, dancers will find groups such as Apocalyptica, 2Cellos, and within the Spanish panorama, Judith Mateo, whose latest work “Rock is my life” makes clear her place in the music scene.

Judith Mateo

More in February! Rock & Metal Dance workshop

Morgan East & West dance center has also scheduled the workshop “Rock & Metal Fusion for Tribal Dancers” on February 26 that I will give myself. Dancers will discover my own method to adapt the accepted steps within the Tribal Fusion repertoire to the musical particularities of metal music.

Workshop Rock & Metal for Tribal Fusion dancers

We will try above all to harden the movements known by the dancer and emphasize their drama, creating new steps and adapting others from known figures and techniques. Languages: English/Spanish. Reserve your place here.